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Migrating to the cloud? Explore your option here.


Infrastructure as a Service enables organizations to leverage economies of scale and specialization to setup cloud infrastructure, which is vendor managed versus building out an environment on-premise. IaaS allows companies to put some of their workloads in the cloud, enabling companies to focus their time on more mission-critical items.


Platform as a Service provides organizations with a full suite of services, including the infrastructure to host software and applications, as well as the configuration and development tools to build enterprise software applications. All of this is typically vendor managed. An example of this would be the salesforce platform.  


Software as a Service offers a complete suite of solutions for those looking to migrate into the cloud. In addition to all of the services provided by IaaS and PaaS, vendors will provide industry configured solutions designed to speed up the time to value for deployments.


Okay, we made this acronym up, but it really does exist. PSaaS is a combination of PaaS and SaaS. An example is an industry/process-specific software as a service (SaaS) application developed and distributed on top of a Platform as a Service (PaaS). An example would be a quality management application built on top of the salesforce platform. Or a computer system validation management application such as built of the salesforce platform. PSaaS applications give SaaS applications the added platform benefits, such as an application development environment, reporting engine, analytics, and more.


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